Suffer to Perfect Yourself…


Four flagship training courses that will certainly provide you with the necessary keys to your professional and personal development. You will both gain time, negotiate strategically, promote yourself in one click and, finally and not least, perpetuate your activity by betting on the most important person, namely YOU. The 21st century and more recently the sad pandemic of Covid-19, taught us that it was essential to ensure our back by becoming as much as possible, EFFICIENT. And as the adage suggests, there are only two possible alternatives: “Either we suffer to perfect ourselves, or we suffer from our imperfections!”.

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Business Engineer

How to become a remarkable negotiator, an excellent commercial, a formidable commercial director in the face of complex negotiations, even in millions of euros?! Well, this is where it happens, and in other words, the distributed cards are seen and reviewed to stay up to date according to the cultural and commercial codes you will be facing to conclude.

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Community Manager

Who do not wish to sell its services from the WEB?! Imagine, with a simple click, euros! The Community Manager will learn the effective techniques of online promotion and perfect an e-reputation in the image of the philosophy of his company. The mastery of “Social Selling” will be one of the great levers of entrepreneurial performance of this century if one wishes to remain existing during this digital transformation.

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Professional Image

If during the first 30 seconds of an interview, your interlocutor judges you, well it is more than essential to master your physical and digital image from A to Z and to make it a weapon of persuasion. Starting by nurturing your self-esteem, and then concluding on your professional dress style, is the stimulating course of this training!

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Wellness and Success

Every CEO, every CEO, every CEO, every Manager, to undertake must have a solid grounding but also emotionally. This training will teach you both how to manage your public speaking, your business pitch, the human, protect yourself against burn out, and more solidly manage your emotions to withstand adversity.