Optimize Your Potential !


Created in 2016 in Paris, Working…What?! is a training organization providing continuing vocational training for adults. Its founder, Marie-Paule MARTIN, wanted from the start to adopt an innovative and very Anglo-Saxon method, based on interactivity and feedback. “Native of Reunion Island, I grew up in a very resourceful and lively environment. My experience of more than 13 years as a journalist has added to the identity of Working…What?! That’s why it was a natural decision to opt for a high-performance assimilation and efficient learning method “. The Head of the company will not stop at the Capital of Culture since every year she decides to open a new subsidiary in one of the four corners of the world. “Discovering new cultures and offering appropriate training is a real and beautiful challenge. Moreover, we ourselves are constantly evolving within the structure, from a kind of “Keep Walking”, we are moving to a kind of “Keep Running” over the years. Our many employees from all walks of life all have in common that they adhere to WINNER’s human values and philosophy. “Exporting to international markets and staying there is justified by the desire to always surpass oneself, to optimize one’s potential by validating one’s know-how